There's A Better Choice

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Cars are one of those materialistic objects that people crave, but many people know the physical harm that cars can do. They are gas guzzling and air polluting, and, yet they remain one of Americans favorite hobbies. Since cars were invented, they have caught the eye of Americans and people in the world. People always cared for their cars as much as anything around they have in the house. It would make sense that because of this, they would want the best for their car. The battle between conventional oil and synthetic oil has been going on for a long time. People often wonder which is better, which is more efficient, and which is environmentally friendlier to the earth. All these questions can be answered. Synthetic oil is the better…show more content…
Newman, in this particular article, brings up another factor, volatility. Volatility is changing from a liquid or solid to a vapor of some kind. Larry West (West interview Newman about synthetics) records Newman saying that “synthetics have a lower volatility and therefore do not boil off or vaporize as quickly as petroleum(conventional) motor oils”(West). This can mean a number of things but for the consumer, that means that a car is less prone to overheating, and eventually, this will save the average driver more money (West). Every now and then people will throw in the negative outlook on things. Oppositions arise, such as, “Synthetic are more than three times the cost of petroleum oils” (West) or that vegetable products are better than both. For the first reason alone there will probably always be slightly more people with conventional. People will look at lower prices most of the time instead of the quality, but it does not mean that it is the best choice. It is true that in some cases vegetable products beat both oils in competition. This could be considered somewhat intriguing, but eliminating a reliable food source for oil is not a good decision. As West says, “Mass production or such bio-based oils would probably not be feasible”(West). Even with all of the controversy, one that will consistently battle, synthetic and conventional oils. The environment is

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