There's Someone From Our Own Backyard

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There’s Someone in Your Backyard Many people are afraid of house burglaries, because there is an unidentified person breaking into their home and taking their precious items. But most people do not even think about the fact that the friends and family they invite into their home can steal from them too. The media and politics in America has made the American people believe that our number one terrorist threats come from the Middle East and are Muslims, but in all reality, most terrorists have come from our own backyard. Within the last six years there have been twenty major terrorist attacks. Only three of the attacks came from people who identify as Middle Eastern. Fifteen attacks were done by people who identify as American. So my question is why is our country so afraid of Middle Easterners, and why are we blaming them for our mistakes? The idea of Middle Easterners being our number one terrorist threats stems from the 9/11 terrorist attacks. On September 11, 2001 Islamist extremist hijacked planes there were flying over the United States. Two of them flew into the Twin Towers and another flew into the Pentagon. This attack was one of the biggest attacks ever. After it happened much of the media and politics did not have many positive thoughts towards Middle Easterners. A lot of Americas Security got stricter especially Transportation Security Administration (TSA). TSA made it harder for just anybody to get into an airport by only allowing a person with a ticket passed

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