Thermodynamics Lab Report

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Thermodynamics Laboratory Report Greenwich University By Mussie Gebre 26/01/2011 Content Page Objectives-------------------------------------page3 Introduction----------------------------------page3 Operation (process) ------------------------page3 Result and discussion-----------------------page4 Experimental data and plot-------------page4&5 Conclusion -------------------------------------page6 Mussie Gebre ID 000517715 Thermodynamics laboratory report Objective * Experiment on four different metals on their heat conductivity * To understand thermodynamics * To illustrate the physical concept of thermodynamics and heat…show more content…
However it shows some difference on the actual value of the measurement l = lo (1 + T) Copper: l= 88(1+16.6x10-6x30.3) = 88.044mm lo=88mm | y=16.6x10-6 | ∆T=30.3◦C | l=? | Aluminium lo=79mm | y=25 x 10-6/ºC | ∆T=36 ºC | l=? | l = lo (1 + ∆ T) l=79(1+25 x 10-6/ºC x 36 ºC =79.07mm Brass lo=88mm | y=18.7 x 10-6/ºC | ∆T=47.9 ºC | l=? | l = lo (1 + ∆ T) l=88(1+18.7 x 10-6/ºC x47.9 ºC) =88.07mm Iron lo=88mm | y= 12x 10-6/ºC | ∆T=? | l=88.1 | ∆T=lloy)-1 = 88.1∕88x12x 10-6/ºC -1 Conclusion Overall, the experiment succeeded that the metals show the theoretical properties. Differences existed in the mathematical calculation of the actual length. These differences, however, it can be accounted for by experimental error; more over there are uncertainty on purity of the

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