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Thermodynamics is basically concerned with heat transfer, energy transfer and conversion between heat and work and is also applied to describe phase change of a substance, such as condensation and evaporation. 1.1 Determination of steam quality Saturated water is water in the condition in which any amount of energy put into the water or absorbed by the water can result in water-steam, two phase mixture, formed. In this case, latent heat, enthalpy of evaporation, is referred to as the energy required to change water into steam. Steam quality is referred to the percentage weight of the steam in a mixture of steam and water, that is, dry saturated steam contains no water. (Babcock & Wilcox Co., 2007). Saturated steam, which is steam…show more content…
There are a number of factors having impact on steam quality. Pressure, acting a significant role for maximising the energy transfer of steam, is proportional to the temperature of steam can affect the energy content of steam. Basically, high steam pressure leads to high energy content of the steam and high efficiency of heat transfer of steam. To maximize latent heat transfer, steam should be used at as low a pressure as possible. (Babcock & Wilcox Co., 2007). There are numerous ways of measuring steam quality in which throttling calorimeter is the most widely used and direct way to determine steam quality. In the calorimeter, the amount of moisture content of steam is separated from steam and collected as condensation. After steam being boiled off from the boiler, it goes through an orifice, throttling calorimeter, which supplies the pressure drop for the steam coming out at atmospheric pressure without doing any work. Owing to the large pressure drop, the heat content of the steam does not change and the steam becomes superheated steam. That is, in this experiment, the heat loss by radiation and changes in potential and kinetic energies are negligible, the enthalpy of the steam coming out from throttling calorimeter should be same as that of the steam coming out from the boiler. (Lab handbook, 2009) If there is any moisture present in the steam, the temperature of the steam coming out from the calorimeter will be reduced. (WALTER T. DEACON, 1991).

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