The's Covert Operations Against The Marxist Sandinista Government

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However, when Casey increased the agency’s covert operations against the Marxist Sandinista government in Nicaragua by funneling aid to the contras, the anti-Sandinista rebels, Congress became concern of the CIA involvement in Central America. Hence, in 1982 it passed Boland amendment prohibiting the agency from aiding the contras. , Casey continued to find ways to evade the amendment (Encyclopedia of World Biography, 2010).
On January 7, 1984 and February 29, 1984, the CIA mined several harbors in Nicaragua. Later, during the spring of 1984, Congress found out about the agency’s mining of Nicaragua’s harbors, which created a serious backlash against aiding the contras. Consequently, on August 1, 1984, the House of Representatives passed
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After Boland II became law, two ways for the administration was identified to bypass the law. One way was to solicit third-party funds from private donors or third countries, and the second way to use the White House National Security Council (NSC) since the council was not covered under Boland II (Ross, 2010).
To this day, the exact role of President Reagan in the Iran-Contra scandal is unclear. However, it appears that in July 1985, in a strategic attempt to build relationship with some moderate elements within Iran’s regime, and to secure the release of seven American hostages held by Iranian backed Shiite extremists in Lebanon, Reagan ordered an operation to sell arms to Iran, which violated the U.S. arms sales embargo against Iran 's regime. Congressional committees that later investigated the Iran–Contra affair concluded that the shredding of the documents and the death of Casey, left the record incomplete.
It appears that due to Congress’s oversight on the CIA’s covert operations, initially, the agency was not officially involved in the affair. Casey later testified to Congress that he was unaware of all the details and the agency only had a supporting role (Encyclopedia of World Biography, 2010). Nevertheless, Casey was viewed as a central figure in the agency’s involvement in the affair. From August 1985 to October 1986, seven arms shipments were sent using Israeli and CIA planes. On December 6, 1985,
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