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Bethany’s Equine and Aquatic Therapy Services, Incorporated, more widely-known as BEATS, Inc., is a treatment facility that utilizes both hippotherapy and aquatic therapy for children with a variety of disabilities (BEATS, n.d.). Aquatic therapy employs the use of water as a means to treat various conditions by aiding in reducing chronic pain and enabling a wider range of motion (Oeverman, n.d.). Hippotherapy is a lesser known method of treating mental, physical, and sensory disabilities by using horses. When ridden, the movements of the horses’ spine and hips mimic the movements of walking or running for those who cannot. Even when stationary, the horses’ consistent breathing stimulates the muscles of the individual riding that cannot be as readily stimulated with the use of any other mechanism (B. Nugent, personal communication, February 25, 2016). This unique form of therapy enables individuals to work on balance and strength. Above all, hippotherapy is incredibly beneficial in enhancing the motivation of disabled clients. Because the children are used to clinical settings, they do not realize that the session is a part of their treatment; instead, they are simply having fun. As the occupational therapist walks close by, often times engaging the child with the use of props, photographs, or games, they are still able to work with the child in the areas of need (Applegate, 2011). BEATS incorporates these two methods as a way of engaging disabled children and efficiently

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