The's Exhibit All Is Well Evokes Discussion And Commentary About Themes Of Memory, Conflict, Intimacy,

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Akram Zaatari’s exhibit All Is Well evokes discussion and commentary about themes of memory, conflict, intimacy, and documentation of the past. Zaatari brings on new perspectives of the past through re-contextualizing objects that he has collected and unearthed. He takes on a unique role of not just a curator and artist but also a commentator of the past, specifically the Lebanese complex past, bringing new and eye opening ideas to the table. The main discussion is around the Lebanese civil war, which took place from 1975 to 1990. The exhibit lets the spectator view hidden objects of the past, such as jail and love letters, which have been swallowed, buried, or passed through censors to get to their destination. The title of the exhibit is…show more content…
After he writes the letter, he meticulously folds it into a small capsule before wrapping it in plastic, where at a later date it could be swallowed and smuggled to another destination. Akram Zaatari’s exhibit explains what it is like to survive a war through the use of emotions, and shows the limitations of representing a war through imagery. In Akram Zaatari’s exhibit, images and video are used to comment on the power of images and their limitations. An interesting aspect of the exhibit is that it is very empty. The entire backdrop is white, with some screens projecting videos and images, photos hung on the wall, and glass cases that line the perimeter of the room with postcards, letters, and photos. This simplistic style continues with the idea of re-contextualization of objects that he has resurrected from the past. One factor that caught people off guard was the relationship between photographs and the illusion of size. This could be seen in the two large photographs that are side by side on the wall, depicting a mortar shell in one and the tightly folded letter to Samir on the other. The two photographs give the illusion that the objects in the photos are the same size, when in reality one is approximately two feet tall and the other is two inches tall. This is not only a commentary on how images can distort reality but also a metaphor for how images can
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