The's First Oil Refinery

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Petrobras was created in October of 1953 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, after years of a campaigning around Brazil due to foreign currency spent on petroleum and oil product imports. It has since become an integrated energy company engaged in exploration and production, refining, commercialization, transportation, distribution of oil products, natural gas, biofuels and electricity. It is the largest company in the Southern Hemisphere by market capitalization and the largest in Latin America measured by revenues (as of 2014). Petrobras is also operating internationally in 24 countries and has a total of nearly $276.96 billion in total assets as of Q2 2015.
Petrobras’ first oil refinery was created in 1961, in Rio de Janiero, today there are 12 oil refineries in Brazil, showing just how much the company has grown since its inception. Petrobras’ mission statement is ‘To perform in the oil and gas industry in an ethic, safe and profitable way, with social and environmental responsibility, providing products suited to the needs of its clients and contributing to the development of Brazil and the countries where it operates.’ And by 2030 wish to be one of the five largest integrated energy companies in the world (currently ranked 27th). While Petrobras ceased to be Brazil 's legal monopolist in the oil industry in 1997, it remains a significant oil producer, with output of more than 2 million barrels per day, with plans to increase that to 3.95 million barrels by 2020. The company…
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