The's Human Becoming Theory

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Nursing theories continue to serve as a framework to recognize and deliver nursing care needs, thus enhancing the quality of care and life. The main focus of Parse’s and Pender’s theories is to promote quality of care and life by allowing the patient to drive their care decisions. In this paper, these theories will be explored and applied to clinical situations. Parse’s Human Becoming Theory Assumptions and Principles Parse’s Human becoming theory was founded upon the principles and concepts of Rogers’ theory, and is based on nine assumptions and three main principles. The assumptions include: 1. Humans are coexistent while co-constituting rhythmical patterns with the universe 2. Humans are open, freely choosing meaning in a situation as well as bearing responsibility for decisions made 3. Humans are unitary, continuously co-constituting pattern or relating 4. Humans are transcending multidimensionally with the possibles 5. Becoming is unitary human living-health 6. Becoming is a rhythmically co-constituting process of the human-universe process 7. Becoming is the humans pattern of relating value priorities 8. Becoming is an intersubjective process of transcending with the possibles 9. Becoming is unitary human’s emerging The three main principles include: 1. Structuring meaning is the imaging and valuing of language 2. Configuring rhythmical patterns of relating is the revealing –concealing and enabling-limiting of connecting-separating 3. Cotranscending with

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