The's Overall Level Of Intelligent Functioning On The Wisc Iv

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Lina’s overall level of intelligent functioning on the WISC-IV was in the Very Superior range (Full Scale IQ=13; 98th percentile). There were no significant differences between the indices, the FSIQ is considered an accurate estimate of her current function. Lina exhibited Very Superior performance on tasks of verbal comprehension (VCI percentile = 99) and working memory (WMI percentile = 98), fluid reasoning (FRI percentile = 88) and Visual spatial (VSI percentile = 82) fell in the High Average range of functioning. However, the patient lowest score pertained to the Processing Speed (PSI percentile = 77), fell in the high average range which did not lowered her overall score.
Language functioning
Lina’s speech was clear, coherent and expansive. Both receptive and expansive language skills were observed to be exceptional. Verbal Comprehension a measure of acquired knowledge and verbal reasoning was in Very Superior range. She exhibited Very Superior abstract verbal ability (Similarities), fund of word knowledge (Vocabulary).
Visuospatial and Constructional Functions
Overall non-verbal perception, reasoning and problem solving abilities on the WISC-IV Fluid Reasoning Index were High Average. Nonverbal abstract thinking, Matrix Reasoning, was High Average. Her ability to derive associations among different images was shown as Average in Figure Weights as reported that she did struggle with tasks of motor speed. Her performance on Block Design, a timed test that involves her

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