The's Parents Were Alice Jane Mckey And Henry Burroughs Holiday

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John Henry Holiday, presently recognized as Doc, was born on August 14, 1851 in Griffin. Doc’s parents were Alice Jane McKey and Henry Burroughs Holiday. They offered a high-quality education for Doc, although his main concern was the vast outdoors. He was more interested in horseback riding and fishing. In 1861, his father Henry Burroughs Holliday acknowledged a presidential engagement from Davis Jefferson in order to serve like a Quartermaster within 27th Ga. Infantry. After Manassas Battle, he was endorsed toward the level of chief and scuffles within Peninsula Campaign as fine as Malvern Hill Battle. After fighting at Malvern Hill Battle in 1862, poor health forced him to leave suddenly from the military and go back to his relatives in Griffin. From the time when the battle came nearer to habitat, the Holiday families reallocated to the southern side of Georgia, Loundes County where they established on a 2,440 acre ranch ten miles from Valdosta. Henry Burroughs Holiday was in suspense to locate a safe asylum for his child and wife. Unluckily, this was not the case. Generals John Logan, William T. Sherman and James McPherson had prepared their way toward Atlanta, killing and burning everything in scene. Around 1864, John Logan and William T. Sherman had proved thriving in demoralizing every part of Georgia. Southerners tottered under the collision. Additionally, farms, homes and plantations were burnt and damaged. Wells were also poisoned. Besides that, individual

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