The's Pet Land Case Study

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The Jake’s Pet Land case study is an example of leadership and follower situations, highlighting the key points of each role within an organization. This case is a study on how the leader-member exchange (LMX) impacts the outcomes of workplaces. According to Daft, LMX is individualized leader model that explores how the relationship between leader and follower develops over time and how the quality of the exchange relationship affects outcomes (Daft, 2015, p. 54). The LMX in many cases is the foundation an organization is built upon, because of this comes a great understanding between management and subordinates. There is a massive difference between being a manager and an effective leader, and throughout Jake’s Pet Land case study this notion is very evident.
The workforce within any organization is the engine that keeps the business moving forward. Positive leadership, as well as effective and competent following, could be the difference between success and failure for a business. Effective leadership and followers should have a symbiotic relationship, which is the most effective way a business will meet its goals. It can be seen within Jake’s Pet Land case study that there truly is a difference between leadership styles amongst different leaders. While Philip and Jan took a different approach to being a leader, Adam’s role of the follower stayed the same. Adam continued to exemplify the best characteristics possible as a follower in order to make the business as…
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