The's Population Is About 58000 People

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Setting Casper’s population is about 58,000 people. Casper has one school district; Natrona county which allows school of choice, consisting of twenty-four public schools and five private schools ("Casper, Wyoming", 2014). Each elementary school has a different instructional and management philosophy best meeting the diverse population in our district. Individual schools choose the academic programs they wish to use to support the common core performance standards and their school improvement plans. Willard Elementary school is located in downtown Casper educating 220 students who consist of; pre-k through fifth grade, including one resource room, and two Functional Life skills classrooms. We are currently a title school composing of 72 percent students who receive free or reduced lunch. Willard Elementary schools is meeting proficiency in math, and not meeting proficiency in reading. Our school is lead by one administrator, who has made a school wide goal to make a focus of improving our reading scores
("Willard Elementary School Student/Parent Handbook", 2014). Willard Elementary school provides an at-risk pull out intervention for all students who qualify. Students qualify who score below the 40th percentile on their growth assessment, The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). Willard has about thirteen percent of students who qualify for an intervention in the area of math or reading. Willard has two certified tutors who pull out students to accommodate each

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