These Concerns Will Be Addressed In The Next Paragraph.

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These concerns will be addressed in the next paragraph. Another major concern is that self-sufficiency in terms of growing and providing food domestically could be put at risk, specifically in the global south, due to growing dependencies of imports (Bezenuh and Yiheyis 2014). While this is not a concern to simply throw away, a recent study has suggested, that a number of countries, which are not currently self sufficient, do have to rely on trade to meet food requirements such as nations in North Africa (D’Odorico et al. 2014). Additionally, in the same study, it was determined that trade, in the majority of cases did not cause a loss of sufficiency, and more often played a beneficial role to nations. Especially in an environment today, a…show more content…
It is argued, that if the global north is able to dominate the increases in agricultural trade due to free trade, specifically infiltrating globally southern markets, it will perhaps negatively effect improvements of efficiency in global south agricultural spheres (Beachy 2011). Additionally, it is argued, that due to the U.S., as well as other globally northern nations using subsides, they are able to sell their own nations product at lower prices, and effectively close off trading markets for developing nations (Clemmitt 2008). An example of this practice in the real world involves analyzing corn trade in North America. Since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has been put in place, Mexican corn farmers have seen losses in their business (Beachy 2011). Additionally, the U.S. has seen larger gains in corn exports, specifically inside Mexico (Wu and Guclu 2013). This is a real world example, which represents one of the major concerns in expanding free trade, that it will ultimately be exploited by nations in the global north. Additionally for these smaller farmers, especially in developing nations who cannot compete with these conditions, poverty has been seen to increase for these people (Kendall and Petracco 2009). Beachy argues this to be one of the major indictments of the free trade system in improving food security, a greater number of citizens in the developing world
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