These other packet provides information on how the data packets were routed from the source to the destination.

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Lab #1 – Assessment Worksheet

Perform Reconnaissance and Probing Using Zenmap GUI (Nmap)

Hackers typically follow a five-step approach to seek out and destroy targeted hosts. The first step in performing an attack is to plan the attack by identifying the target and learning as much as possible about it. Hackers usually perform an initial reconnaissance and probing scan to identify IP hosts, open ports, and services enabled on servers and workstations. In this lab, you planned an attack on where the VM server farm resides, and used the Zenmap GUI to perform an “Intense Scan” on the targeted IP subnetwork.

Lab Assessment Questions & Answers

1. Name at least five applications and tools pre-loaded on the
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Cybersecurity and Communications at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the MITRE Corporation

5. Can Zenmap GUI detect which operating systems are present on IP servers and workstations? Which option includes that scan?
Yes, service info: OS: Linux

6. If you have scanned a live host and detected that it is running Windows XP workstation OS, how would you use this information for performing a Nessus vulnerability assessment scan?
I would know that would be able to perform this scan because Nessus supports Windows XP.

7. Once a vulnerability is identified by Nessus, where can you check for more information regarding the identified vulnerability, exploits, and the risk mitigation solution?
Ports/Protocols, 443/tcp, Plugin Name: Service Detection

8. What is the major difference between Zenmap GUI and Nessus?
Nessus scans for vulnerability’s and Zenmap GUI is used to map network host within an open port.

9. Why do you need to run both Zenmap GUI and Nessus to perform the first three steps of the hacking process?
The Zenmap has already run an intense scan on the 254 IP address to map out the network which makes Nessus able to find the vulnerability located within the 254 IP address.

Zenmap GUI scan report in soft copy with your notes on what you found

Nessus vulnerability scan report in HTML soft

More about These other packet provides information on how the data packets were routed from the source to the destination.

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