Theseus : A Hero : The Aspects Of A Hero

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There are many examples of heroes throughout history and in story books that convey great messages, but what makes your leaders heroes? There are many attributes that make a hero but there are three main areas. To be a hero, one must be willing to make many sacrifices, be humble and not expect anything from the actions, and make positive changes. To be a hero means to sacrifice something for someone else no matter the circumstances or dangers. An example of this is in the myth Theseus and the Minotaur. It gives a great example of sacrifice and heroism. Powerful king Minos of Crete demands Athenian women and men every year to feed to the Minotaur. When Theseus heard about this, he was not happy. He took the place of one of the sacrificed men and went to the labyrinth of the Minotaur to try and kill the beast himself. Theseus then expressed his feelings of frustration by saying saying, "When it is time to send the next tribute, I will go as one of them and I vow that it is the last time the Minotaur will be fed with the flesh of any of our people." Theseus was strong and was willing to put himself in danger for the safety of his people. Not many people have the courage to sacrifice themselves. Parents make sacrifices every day. Think of how hard mothers or fathers works to make money, to keep the kids happy, to feed them, to clean up after everyone, to get their kids where they what to go. My mom makes sacrifices everyday. She takes my brother dance right after a long
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