Comparative Essay On Theseus Movie

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The movie Immortals borrows some of the myth of Theseus for its plot. A lot of the film seems to be a modern attempt at creating a Greek myth. Altogether this film fails to follow the myth of Theseus although it does bring some parts of the myth into it.

There are few similarities between the film and the myth. Rewrites are in abundance in the film. At least they placed Theseus with his mother for the opening of the tale. In an obvious rewrite in the film, Theseus finds the Epirus bow in a rock instead of the sword and shoes left by his father. (Hamilton 209)
There is a scene in the movie where Theseus and his motley crew are about to steal a boat for their travels, which is very unlike the myth for Theseus to take a boat on his
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Yet, like the character in Hamilton, they seem to be inseparable.
While it’s nice to see Phaedra’s appearance in the film, it's unfortunate because it is almost completely incorrect. The only thing that is correct about Phaedra character in the film is her being romantically linked to Theseus. The film doesn’t even acknowledge his marriage to Phaedra.
The writer’s intention to create a new myth is apparent in this film. There is insufficient reference to the original myth. They only kept one of the main adventures of Theseus’. For the most part there was very little tying the movie to the myth.

Does this movie start with Theseus’ story of origins, or does it pertain to his myth at all? In this film Theseus’ character is nothing like the actual myth. One can only surmise, the writers have deliberately played down Theseus’ origins for the movie’s sake. An audience loves an underdog, but would they identify with the son of a king?
Theseus’ mother is not a major component in Hamilton’s myth. As if his peasant status isn’t enough the film casts his character’s mother as a whore and Theseus as a product of rape. If the audiences weren’t on his side now, then Theseus watching his mother’s throat sliced in front of him would sure sway them.
While Hamilton’s tale is short, it does not detail much of Theseus’ upbringing. Hamilton briefly mentions a grandfather, allowing the writers to take from another myth. The film makes
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