Thesis About K-12 Curriculum

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Garcia, Leny Rose C. Special Topics 3
BSED IV – English October 13, 2017

K-12 Curriculum Classroom Materials Gap: Shortage of Instructional and Other Learning Materials

Department of Education had implemented a new curriculum called K-12 education system which prolonged the educational program as it covers 1 year for attending the kindergarten, 6 years for elementary, 4 years for junior high school and additional 2 years for senior high school and with this, the students will be given an opportunity to learn more advanced subjects without quickening their learning process and so to have a better quality of education. It is sure to happen that there are numerous implications in implementing the K-12 curriculum which brought
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If there is a lack of classroom basic materials, teacher and learning process will not become conducive and productive for both teachers and students. And this is one of the serious problems of the public schools especially when the K-12 curriculum has been implemented. Many classrooms in public schools are lack of enough books and educational technologies that will support and provide better references as a tool for effective teaching and learning process. With these serious problems, the quality of education in the Philippines may not be improved because there are still lots of gaps and problems in the K-12 curriculum program. Therefore, the government should prioritize the education in the country by supporting the Department of Education through supplying what the schools need and providing solutions in filling the gaps to bring the real change in education and to bring out the better education for the country. Also, teachers will be more likely to provide classroom experiences if there is utilization of learning materials in teaching and learning process such as the educational technologies (computer, powerpoint presentation, projector, electronic resources), facilities and equipment in school laboratories, and the printed materials (textbooks which include the lesson exercises and
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