Thesis About Shifting Course

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Graduating high school students often have a short period of time to think about what career path they would like to have in the future. Some are pressured to follow the footsteps of their parents, some are applying for the course because it sounds easy while some are applying for the course because of the big profit that the future job can offer.
According to Vince Silva (2014) an engineering student, one of the major factors that have been affecting college students to graduate earlier is the shifting of courses of the college student, especially after the first to second year of experience of the student's studies. Shifting of course is a way of college students to change their chosen program to another that may have
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All of these are ‘good’ reasons for wanting to make a change.
One of the reasons why students shift their course is because the academic level is too high or low for them. There are types of students who want a course that challenges their minds and skills so they can learn from it while other students find it difficult to adapt with their subject due to the fact that the students thought that the course they have chosen is easy. Some students easily get bored of the curriculum that their course has lead them to really contemplate if the course suits themselves or not.
Based on the educational website called Classroom Synonym (2016), many freshmen and sometimes sophomores and upper classmen often try to schedule courses that they have heard are easy. This may be a symptom of laziness, but it may also be fear. Sometimes taking a course that seems easy is a practical concern: When a student enrolls in challenging courses, she may offset the workload by enrolling in one "easy" course so that she can still carry a full-time credit load for financial aid purposes and allow enough time and intellectual space for more challenging courses.
Since the first year of college is an adjustment period for Freshman
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