Thesis About Video Games

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Jack Weallans


1st hour

Red: Hook

Green: Thesis

Blue: Topic Sentence

Purple: Examples

Dark red: Restatement of thesis

Helping Hands

Each week 3 billion people play video games. It is estimated that we need to play 21 billion hours a week to make good things happen in the world(Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world). Kids should be able to play video games because video games can help you in the real world and could get you a good career.

Another reason I think video games are good is that they can help us learn. The first thing they can help us learn is to recognize patterns. This helps you in real life monitor your actions and look at how other people react. Similarly video games also help you with hand eye and reaction time which helps with solving problems and working faster, "In controlled tests, folks who played first person shooters showed “faster and more accurate attention
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One of the most well-known video game jobs in becoming a pro at a game like DOTA or Counter- Strike Global Offense. These pros can get paid a lot from playing, 155K-550K. Pro gamers are encouraged to live together to help with becoming friends and better communication. Doing this also help the idea that not all video game players have no outside relationships. Pro players are also treated like pro athletes so they can get a US P-1 which is a passport for athletes in America. Another well-known job is computer programming. Computer programmers are the ones behind video games, they code the disc so that you can play the game. And they make a lot of money from 100K to 250K! These are just some of the good careers you can get in video games.

In conclusion kids should be able to play video games because video games can help you in the real world an get you a good job. So get out there and start playing video games because it will help you in the long
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