Thesis Chapter 1-5 Example

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C H A P T E R I I N T R O D U C T I O N The alarming case of dengue in the country is spreading widely and their innocent victims are continued to rise. Many companies, NGO’S, even the DOH (Department of Health) were alarmed by the rapid increase of the dengue carrying mosquitoes. Department of Science and Technology (DOST) continues to develop possible solution in this critical situation. Filipinos are terrified with this. DOST and DOH continue to search any alternatives to solve this problem. Eucalyptus and lemon grass are one of the specimens which show the characteristic of compounds in repelling mosquitoes with the help of carabao manure. It can serve as an effective medium which the extract of eucalyptus and lemon grass can mix…show more content…
This study serves as a stepping stone for the future researchers’ project more complex. S C O P E A N D L I M I T A T I O N O F T H E S T U D Y This study aims to explore the ability of natural chemical compound of carabao manure, eucalyptus and lemon grass extract to produce an effective mosquito coil. The delimitations of the study mostly likely occur in comparing the efficiency of LEMOCALYNURE KATOL to the commercialized coil and limited only in drying, extraction, combining, molding and drying. Compared to commercialized coil, LEMOCALYNURE KATOL cannot sustain its flammability without using flammable substance such as alcohol and gasoline. The diameter of the product which is 10 centimeter is the same as the commercialized one. The study and observation after testing it of the 10 correspondents ran for almost 2 weeks. C H A P T E R II This chapter consists of related literature, related studies, conceptual model and definition of terms. R E V I E W O F R E L A T E D L I T E R A T U R E According to Sachin A. Mundaugane, in “The Wealth of India: A dictionary of Indian Raw Materials and Industrial Products” proved that Pyrethroids and DEET used in coil lead to hyper excitation of nervous system and prolong uses result in corneal damage, liver damage and asthma. About 12 % of users are seriously affected by use of repellents. The common problems are caused by
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