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A Project in Software Engineering

VP Admin Reservation Booking System


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Documentation of the Current System Documentation of the Current System Hardware set up Software Application being used Personnel Objectives of the System
Chapter 2. System Design Specification
2.1 High Level Design
2.2 Full Implementation of the Project
2.3 Database Design
2.4 Table Description of the Database
Chapter 3. System Requirements Specifications Hardware Requirements
3.2 Software Requirements
3.3 Human Resource Requirements
Chapter 4. Conclusion and Recommendation

A. Project Management Plan
Phase1. Identification
Phase2. Specification
Phase3. High Level
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The first subsystem is a Reservation and Booking System to keep track of the outdoor and indoor reservation availability. The second subsystem is the School Bus and classroom reservation. The third subsystem is a General Management Services and Automated Tasks System which generates reports to audit all the VP Admin operations and allows modification of subsystem information. These three subsystem's functionality will be described in details. There is only one user for the VPARBS, the VP admin secretary who use this system. The VP Admin Reservation Booking System provide the reservation and the facilities which arrange the schedules of each reservations. The system will be able to handle more services to take care of all students and customers in a quick manner. The system should be user appropriate, easy to use , provide easy recovery errors and have an overall end user high subjective satisfaction.

Chapter II System Design Specification

2.1 High level design

Document should provide a narrative describing how the design forces that were defined in the preceding requirements tags are resolved by that design specification.

2.2Full Implementation of the Project

During the implementation phase, the new system is constructed. Whether the developers used structured analysis, the procedure is the same programs are written, tested and documented and the system is installed. At a conclusion of the phase, the system is ready to use. Final
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