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Importance of the Study

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus Linn.) belongs to the family of cucurbits or cucurbitaceae. It is a warm season crop that matures relatively in a short period of time. Cucumber can be grown on almost any kind of good soil. A light heavy and well drained soil, which contains an abundance of organic matter, is favorable for growing cucumber. In the Philippines, cucumber is known as “pipino”. The fruits are processed into sweet pickles and in many cases it is eaten raw as salad. Cucumber fruit is said to have a cleansing property for skin blemishes. Considering its importance in food industry, the need to develop a technology to increase its production becomes necessary.
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DAP refer to days after planting. Growth refers to the increase in length of vine and number of productive cucumber plants. Levels are the amount of Vermi-compost applied in holes. Marketable fruits refer to the cucumber fruits without damage and are free from physical defect. Non-marketable fruits refer to the cucumber fruits that have been damaged by insect pests and diseases and have physical defects. Performance of maturity is the length of time from seedlings to last harvest of cucumber fruit. Vermi-compost is an organic waste through earthworm. Yield refers to the amount of the harvested cucumber fruits in kilograms and tons per hectare. Weight of marketable fruits refer to the weight of cucumber fruits without damage and are free from physical defect.



In 2003, Bierman found out that tomato shoot dry weights increased significantly in vermi-compost-treated plots over those in tomato plants treated with inorganic fertilizers only. Marketable tomato yields in vermi-compost-treated plots were consistently greater, but not statistically different from yields in organic fertilizer-treated plots. Results of his study also revealed a significantly more microbial biomass N and orthophosphates in soils from pepper plots treated with vermi-compost compared to those from inorganic fertilizer-treated plots. There were also significant

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