Thesis Effects Of Compression And Violence In Ice Hockey

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I. Problem statement
II. Scope of study
III. Thesis statement
Background of study
I. Historical background
II. Rules governing physical contact
Effect of costumes and the sport setting on the aggressive behavior
I. False security from the costumes
II. The sport setting encourages violence
Consequences of the aggression and violence
I. physical consequences
II. emotional and social consequences
Effects of fans on the aggression in the sport

Sport is an integral part of the American society and culture. It is as important as other social institutions like family, religion and education. It is impossible to ignore sport as it extends into a multitude of social arenas, including the arts, mass media, the
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The most common causes of the injuries are blows from the hockey sticks and collisions with other players. Head and facial injuries include concussions, contusions and lacerations to the face, eye and dental damage. Concussions result from being hit so hard that the player losses consciousness. Players experiencing symptoms of a concussion should not be allowed to play but be taken to a medical examiner. The other injury that players suffer is shoulder injuries. The shoulder in most cases separates from the joint or the collarbone breaks. These result from collision with other players or the ice. Elbow injuries also arise in Ice hockey due to constant contact resulting in a thick and scarred bursal tissue. Wrist injuries are another category of injuries suffered by hockey players as a result of playing with outstretched arms. Hockey players also suffer from back injuries because of the posture they adopt when skating. The risk associated with the above injuries varies based on the player's participation in the game, the equipment the player uses as well as the level of violence involved in the game. Players with pre-existing injuries also tend to suffer more injuries with each game (Stuart,

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