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CHAPTER 1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY AND ITS PROBLEM I.INTRODUCTION This chapter discloses the basis on how the researcher comes up with the project, This includes the conceptual framework, objectives, scope and limitations that set the boundaries of workbench, the significance of project in all possible aspects, and definition of terms as used in the context of this paper. II. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Inventory System is the process where by a business keeps track of the goods and material it has available. Sante Barley’s inventory system uses a record book where they process the records of every In and Out of goods in the factory or company. III. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Sante Barley Corporation has a manual way of using checking their…show more content…
And to implement general and appropriate Inventory System. * The system will provide a Inventory system that able to record the products. * The system is able to check the schedules of In and Out of the products in the company. * The system is secured to unauthorized personnel. SPECIFIC * The system is user friendly. * The system is time-efficient. * The system can access by authorized personnel only. * The system should give an accurate records of data for Inventory. VII. SCOPE AND LIMITATION Scope: * The owner or administrator has the authority to create or terminate the account of the personnel. * The owner and the personnel can add, edit, and update the stocks that were used and remained. * The owner has the major authority in the system and the personnel have limited access in security settings. * The owner and the personnel can view the status of the remaining stocks as well as notifications to alert the user if the number of stocks is getting low. Limitations: * Losing of data when power interruption occurs while in the middle of encoding the data is not subject to retrieval unless it was saved. * The system can only be accessed in the computer where it is installed. * The significant values in the report can never be edited by the personnel once saved. Unless the administrator approved to correct the error that occurs. VII. DEFINITION OF TERMS The following terminologies were gathered for better and clearer
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