Thesis For Cyber Bullying

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Research suggests schools should develop anti-bullying programs because of bullying is on the rise, students need to learn about cyberbullying, and the consequences of being bullied are dire.

Bullying Facts, (2015, December 22). Retrieved October 09, 2016, from,
This fact shows how important cyberbullying is and how it is affecting children. It talks about once something is put on the net, it is always there. It also talks about how easy cyberbullying is do, because the bully never see the victim. The website was started by parents after talking to child psychologists looking for help for thier children who were be bullied. This is relevant to the thesis as it talks about cyberbullying and once something is put in the net is always there.
Bullying: Overview. (n.d.). Retrieved October 09, 2016,
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It talked about the many types of bullying. It also talks about the consequences of bullying can cause to the victim. This information came from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. It is relevant to the thesis as it explains what is bullying.
Cyberbullying FAQ For Teens. (n.d.). Retrieved October 09, 2016, from
This article is from the National Crime Prevention Center and is about cyberbullying. It mentions that many who cyber bully, thinks it is funny to do bully in this form. It also mentions different way to prevent cyber bullying. This was taken from the website, which is the National Crime Prevention Center and was founded in 1982 to manage the National Citizens’ Crime Prevention Campaign. It is relevant to the thesis because teens need to learn about cyber bullying and the affects it has on others.
Dombeck, M., PhD. (2014). The Long Term Effects of Bullying. Retrieved October 09, 2016, from
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