Thesis Of Edgar Allan Poe

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Lauren Patterson
Mrs. Stanfill
Honors English IIIA
18 October 2017 Following death in 1849, the reputation of Edgar Allan Poe had been seen as nothing short of atrocious and faulty; regarding excessive use of alcohol and seemingly alarming sexual desire. Today, the works and aforementioned peculiarity are valued enough to be positively referred to over 100 years later, and ultimately earn Poe a place as an eminent literature pioneer. Edgar Poe, American poet and writer, swept the 19th century by provoking thought through writing pieces; many of which were an ultimate reflection of what Poe was dealing with. With multiple manipulating factors such as a scarring upbringing and the loss of lovers, Poe reconstructs all that American literature once was and all that future writings will be. Often perceived as dark and twisted, the pieces of Poe require thought and sensitivity to ensure deep and true meaning. The creator’s greatest impact regarding American composition gyrates around the constitution of serving as a guide for genres and other authors. Edgar Allan Poe's childhood and influence from other writers allowed him to appreciably impact American literature and history by amplifying the genre of detective fiction, contributing to psychology, and employing writing techniques such as symbolism. Poe’s upbringing, in essence melancholic and disheartening, strongly attributes to the themes of his writing and American literature. Poe lost both parents at a very early

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