Thesis Of La Amistad

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La Amistad movie is a movie from the year 1997 and it is directed by the famous director, “Steven Spielberg”. This famous director has made a lot famous movies like for example the famous movie of “Jurassic Park” or “E.T”. Amistad is the word for “friendship” in Spanish. In this movie four different languages are spoken. English, Spanish, Portuguese and Mende. Mende is the language that the African slaves speak in. This movie is a little recreation of a true story about slave revolt on a small Spanish schooner in 1839. This revolt caused a series of trials beginning in the lower parts of Connecticut. This case not only marks a milestone for Abolitionists in their fight against slavery but it also questioned the natural laws of our Constitution.…show more content…
The problem is that Theodore cannot speak Mende. SO he goes on a short journey to find someone that can speak Mende. Then they find someone who has a African family and can speak both English and Mende. SO then they hire him and they go to Cinque to interrogate him. They ask him all sorts of questions. They ask him for example “from where are you and your friends Cinque?” It was very difficult for them to extract all the information they could from him because of two reasons. The first reason is because he did not want to reveal personal information about where they live because he was afraid that the US army would go over there and kill all of his family and friends. And the last reason why it took so long to extract information from him is because Cinque wasn’t much of a talk guy. HE did not really talk too much because he was very depressed that he wasn’t at home. After a long time of trying to extract information from him, they finally got know all they needed to know about Cinque and his tribe. He and his tribe were from what it is now called today Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is a very vulnerable country but it is also a very small and poor country. This is why Cinque did not reveal too much information of his homeland or where did he live. Sierra Leone is located in the western part of
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