Thesis On Code Switching

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Students' Language Attitude towards Classroom Code-Switching in the Institute of Teacher Education
Chapter 01
The Problem and Its Background
Language as a medium of teaching is one of the common factors in the teaching-learning processes. In terms of instructions, some learners fail to do such tasks due to misconception or misunderstanding. Oftentimes, they were also inattentive in class interactions due to the teacher's use or choice of words whenever he/she is explaining. In today's 21st century education, it is a fact that seventy percent of class performance is given to the students while the remaining thirty percent is allotted to the teacher as entitled to be the facilitator. Throughout the instruction, classroom practices which adopt
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Thus, code-switching is termed. Code-switching is the capability of people who are able to enjoy using languages in their linguistic abilities (Gulzar 2010). There are researchers on code-switching in the classroom, particularly its positive impact shows distinct views. Code-switching serves as an instructional strategy of learning which allows for effective communication between learners and the instructor in a natural and comfortable way and it serves as an oral strategy to keep learners on speaking in English. (Tondoc 2016 & Cipriani 2001). Code-switching is a useful tool for teaching in bilingual classrooms especially when the aim is to transfer the knowledge of learners in a fine and compelling way (Sultana & Bista, 2010). Hence, code-switching may also be used to assert a point or to explain better for both teachers and learners in a classroom setting. In the EFL classroom situation, code-switching was used as a strategy that fosters amusing stage during class activities and it gives a pleasant and a good environment (Braga 2000). To better understand more complex words and their structures, code-switching is used. Learners used code-switching to express their ideas when negotiating with their teacher and sometimes, code-switching stimulates from the necessity for better comprehension in grammar lessons (Bergsleithner…show more content…
What are the possible reasons for code-switching to be accepted during the English class?
3. What are the negative effects of code-switching in developing English fluency in communication skills?
Significance of the Study
The study gives essential information regarding education students' negative attitudes towards classroom code-switching. Using qualitative and quantitative approach, the awareness of the disadvantages of code-switching in English class will be calculated. Therefore, the formation of programs encouraging the use of the English language in communication skills will be developed by the institute to enhance students' performance and competence in the use of the English language in communication skills.
Scope and Delimitation of the Study
The study was limited to fifteen students from each program, the third year BSE (Bachelor of Secondary Education) and BEED (Bachelor in Elementary Education) who are enrolled in English subjects for S.Y. 2016-2017 in the Institute of Teacher Education in Isabela State University, Cauayan City. The study focused on the education students' language negative attitudes towards code-switching that are gathered through an interview.
Definition of
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