Thesis On Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management
Jens Berfenfeldt


In the first part of his abstract the author explain us, the purpose of his thesis. Businesses are the correlation entre management, customers, and globalization of markets. The interaction between supplier and customers are the Customer Relationship Management, CRM.
The purpose of this thesis showed the usage of CRM in business to Business firms. For understand, the author defined three areas of concern; objectives, strategy and measurement of CRM. The method to answer these questions, was to collect information from two Sweden firms, Haldex, and Nefab. The data collected form them were compared to each other and to theory.
In general theory is true for CRM, however in a few
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First of all we had the old-pop stores, this was when staff knew customers. In a second step firms grew and we seen the apparition of masse markets. The firms adapt their customer’s bases and tailored to groups, not for individual.
The second paragraph describes the fact that all firms worked directly with customer relationships, and created additional value for both their customers and themselves during the 80’s.
During the 90’s firms realized that customers do not solely interact with the marketing department, but with all the organization. However this strategy disappeared because it was very expensive and tedious to maintain.
This was the end of Relationship Management, but with the introduction of more advance technologies it has come back with a new name, Customer Relationship Management.
Them Jens give us some different definition of CRM, by Gartner group, Bose, and Lancaster & Jobber.
Today CRM is a method of retaining and developing customers through increased loyalty and satisfaction. The service, quality and relationship experience are the one greatest competitive aspect for a Business’s survival.

CRM systems focus their
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