Thesis On Foot Over Bridge

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3. Aims
To find out, why people uses the foot over bridge and reducing the road accident.
4. Objectives
4.1 Board Objectives
A general objective of the study is to know why some people don’t use the foot over bridge when they crossing the road one side to another side.
4.2 Specific Objectives
• To identify the causes why people don’t using foot over bridge.
• To appraise to exact location to making the foot over bridge.
• To find out which presidents don’t use the foot over bridge.
• To identify the government take actions to ensure the best use of foot over bridge.

5. Time span

6. Background
Road accident is one of the common major problems in third world countries in Bangladesh. Every year more than about 200 people died in various
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Methodology In this research- topic related problem-solving approach was used in analyzing the outcomes from the primary and secondary research. The research proposal pursued a good mix of desk research and most of them are practical, real-life experience based on the input of how to remove the road accident and reducing traffic problems and people using the foot over bridge.

8.1 Study Area
My topic is necessity of building foot over bridge in Dhaka city. In Dhaka city there are many foot over bridge, I have choose in different place like Uttara area. In Uttara there are 5 foot over bridge: Airport, jossimuddin,Rajlokkhi,Ajompur and House building foot over bridge.
8.2 Data Collection
Data is the basic component of the research. Maximum data of this research is primary. The primary data collected from structured questionnaire, field observation of the study area. This survey conducted in uttara area and surrounding area. The respondent of this area will be interviewed, both men and women, representing different age groups.etc.

8.3 Primary Data:
This essential information for this explanation part included surveys and in depth interviews to the people why foot over bridge is necessity for passing the road.

8.4 Secondary
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