Thesis On Instructional Video Games

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To be precise, in the 21st century, video games are now a widespread phenomenon throughout several generations of Americans, despite the comments made by politicians and government officials in the early 80s. Even though the first generation video games had adults as its main target audience, games are no longer exclusive to adults. Not only in USA but also globally including India, individuals play games and very recently, half of the entire video game market is composed of children under the age of 12. Although we do not know the precise number of children who are game players in India, it seems reasonable to accept that a fair amount exists.

Instructional video games (IVG): NEEDS REVISION

A game that provides educational value to the player is
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The benefits of instructional educational video games will be extending into higher education. Ludology, scholastic video game study from a humanistic perspective, now qualifies students to pursue careers in computer and video game design and programming.

Researchers have started developing gamified learning method to understand the physiology and anatomy of the human beings in medical education. Armed with that information, if we take a look at what the PC and instructional video gaming has to offer, video games help kids learn and never get addicted to it but to promote thinking and understanding the lesson units from the curriuclum. The Instructional Video Game (IVG) promotes the horizon of mental ability through creative potentials. It was recently relayed in the TV channel that an 8 year old challenged the CEO Microsoft by developing a video game seeking the help of his father for coding purposes-
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