Thesis On Love And Infatuation: Confuses Teenagers

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Claire L. Ganas
English 27B
Love and Infatuation: Confuses Teenagers
Teenagers see relationship as love but reality says it is infatuation

Family, friends, romantic relationships can affect teens in so many ways. Teens are more likely being influenced by the people surrounded to them. The discipline of every teen’s parents would be a big part in their development and could affect teen’s mindset in the long run. In addition, the researcher thinks that teenagers are just confused between love and infatuation, and most of the effects of being in a relationship to teens are negative. To prove this point, the researcher studies how different love and infatuation is. Then, she explains the effects of being in a relationship
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Being in a relationship is a tough thing to do because of managing time. If teens enter relationships, their time studying will be lessen. Teens hang out with their boyfriend/girlfriend instead of studying at home. Thus, getting into relationship for teens may affect their academic performance or grades. Some teens skip classes to spend more time with their partner. This kind of relationship may cause teens to lessen interest in studying, to the point that they do not acknowledge school anymore because their attention are being put to the time they spend with their partner.
And also, one of the effects is premarital sex and may cause early pregnancy. In one research, there are 7.3 million girls become pregnant before 18 (every year). Teenagers should be educated by this because every year, the number of early mothers is increasing. The reason for this maybe the lack of sexual and reproductive health education to teens. As I have said, teens are biologically immature that they could not decide for themselves and they need the guidance of their parents. Education of an early pregnant mom may be interrupted, and the health risk may increase because their body is not yet fully developed to give
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