Thesis On Manliness And Civilization

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Manliness & Civilization: A Cultural History of Gender and Race in the United States is an intensive analysis of how assumptions about race, gender, and the perfection of civilization shaped thought and behavior in the US between 1890 and 1915. For its author, Gail Bederman, despite race and gender are two different categories, society have connected them so that they should be understood together. Both categories are connected in relevant to civilization as the social perfection idealized by Darwinism had designated white men as the most superior. During the particular period where this book is focused, male dominance has been prevalent long before this period. This book will investigate this turn of the century connection between manhood and race; and argue that as white middle-class men
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Bederman uses Tarzan as an example in her analyzed subjects. It is worth noting that sexism and and racism are related to one another and both support inequality. Bederman discusses how Tarzan was the epitome of ideal manliness and masculinity because of his superior white skin, his ability of killing and understanding, his strength on black cannibals, and his well-defined and civilized Victorian nature when he falls in love with a white woman named Jane. Bederman somewhat documented Victorian ideal of the term manliness with its identification of proper manhood with a powerful will, sexual self-restraint, and a strong character, which gradually paved way masculinity glorification which eventually used to suggest male sexuality, physical force and aggressiveness in the nineteenth century (18). According to medical authorities, this nervous affliction is associated with the ideal of manliness because they thought its demands modern civilization placed upon such people to discipline their wants (86) as Bederman associated it to contemporary notions of
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