Thesis On Smart Gadgets

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General Statement: Life has become easier because of the contribution of the internet technology to communication and information sharing.
Background Information: What are smart gadgets? Theyare called smart, but are they really smart? Smart gadgets can make things easier and add a bit of fun to life, however they distract people’s ability to focus on task. On other hand, a book contains detailed information and real facts because it produced according to the demands of educational institutions in all country.
Thesis Statement : Although smart gadgets and online resources are the fastest mode of communication, they brings more negative impact to students because students will be exposed to inappropriate and unreliable source of information,
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Smart gadgets and internet are one of the evolved technological in the 21st century. By using smart gadgets and online resources, students can make or work out most of difficult which are hardly completed without their hands. Students cannot imagine their life without smart gadgetsas research has spotted the attitude that showing their addiction in smart gadgets users increase when they do not get any update from online resources. Seem like the presence of increasing sophisticated internet technology has changed human lifestyle and the demands on human competence. Overdependence on smart gadgets and online resources create room for laziness too. Students tend to disregard learning to do some things the manual way.Instead, children too are addicted to video games and the computer. They too turn to the computer for information. A child without a computer or a Nintendo game is a bored child. Very few children consider taking a book and reading. Very few children are able to amuse themselves without the help of a computer. There is no doubt about it; students will totally over dependent on
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