Thesis On Street Food Vendors

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Introduction: Street food, it is nigh impossible to ignore, some would say that it has become a quirk or niche of particular societies, cultures and civilizations; and given it's presence on streets and other public places it may certainly well be. The attention of the researchers had been drawn towards street food owing to the fact that it is commonly associated with ideas of having a generally suspect nature, having intriguing tastes, affordable and low prices, and of course being influenced by the stature of the people which produce and sell them for consumption. Needless to say, this has given street food the opinion of being unsanitary, unhealthy, contaminated and also other words with which to describe it as being customarily unpleasant…show more content…
The researchers then considered the tenacity of these street food vendors, associating such thoughts as but a single branch of a potential web, having started from food to street food to the street food vendors, and then sought out some semblance of organization to these and attempt to bridge such thoughts and knowledge from personal sources and external sources.

Statement of the Problem
The researchers aim to answer the following questions:
1.) How do street food vendors attract their customers?
2.) How do they manage to keep their business stable?
3.) What did street vendors used in order to sell their food?
Significance of the Study The study is about “Developmental Business Strategies by Street Food Vendors along Singalong, Manila” was significant to the ABM students, small entrepreneurs, and future researchers:

The information can be useful to ABM students to help the students from Senior High of St. Anthony School who is willing to take business as their course. Our study can also open the eyes of the students to see the strength and weaknesses of ABM strand in dealing business as their
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