Thesis On Stress And Burnout

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Healthcare professionals are trained to put the needs of others before themselves and spend each working day exposed to the emotional strain of dealing with people who are sick dying and who have extreme physical and/or emotional needs, this emotional strain, coupled with other stress factors inherent in the healthcare work environment, renders healthcare professionals especially vulnerable to burnout.
Burnout has been explored in population of healthcare professionals around the world, and studied have involved all typed of healthcare professionals including allied healthcare professional medical residents and fellows, and dentists. The rates of burnout vary among these subgroups, but in general, the rates are higher among healthcare professionals than among individuals in no helping occupation. Burnout has been studied most extensively in physicians and nurses.
The purpose of this research is to
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According to the National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses (the 2004 nurse population), the rates of moderate or extreme job dissatisfaction ranged from 6% to 16% across practice settings. The highest rates of dissatisfaction were found among staff nurses, nurse clinicians, and supervisors, with the lowest rates among nurse midwives, certified, and supervisors with the lowest rates among nurse midwives, certified nurse anaesthetists, and nurse practitioners. The rates of job dissatisfaction have been much higher in individual’s studies. For example, in a study of 13,471 nurses in Pennsylvania (1998 – 1999, 41% of respondents said they were dissatisfied with their jobs. This rate was higher than that for nurse population in four other countries (Canada, England, Germany and Scotland), where nursing was associated with a 43 % rate of
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