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Seminar topic falls under the area of computer graphics. Graphics is mainly used here for the easy communication between computer and user. Seminar topic focuses on talking head system.Talking head system is a technique in which an animated talking head generates lifelike face which is based on speech recognition. Talking head system converts this speech to an animated talking head having facial expressions and mouth movements.The seminar focuses on an approach that synthesizes ones’ face using a two and half D head model, with the facial expression driven by speech.Such system can be made web enabled to take advantage of streaming technology.Use of lifelike talking heads improves the quality of communication as it makes the communication easy and friendly.he proposed implementation idea behind talking head system is to try to create visible overview of speaker that is to create an animated talking head by giving the speech as an input by the use of speech recognition algorithm.. As the system is…show more content…
and can choose the scale,rotation and translations. FaceGen Modeller runs on Windows XP,Vista,7 and 8.Pantium 4 is highly recommended Operating system though.Generic & frequent human faces: Happiness, Anger, Fear, Surprise, Disgust and Sadness. Using Facial Action coding system(FACS),human coders can manually code nearly any possible expression to look photo realistic. Application is written in java programming language and use the SQL databases at the backend. FACS describes total 66 muscle actions.In Facial Action coding system(FACS),Action Unit(A.U.) are associated with the action descriptors,which in combination give rise to the facial expressions.For example, Action unit no.6 and Action unit no.12 together in combination create an expression for happiness. An action descriptor associated with Action unit no.6 is cheek raiser and Action unit no. 12 is a lip corner

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