Thesis On Tourism Satisfaction

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Tourism has emerged as one of the fastest growing industry in the world economy. It is viewed as the key sectors of economic growth and development of a country, from the point of view of income, employment generation, and foreign exchange earner. Tourist satisfaction is crucial to the successful survival and operation of any tourist destination. Tourists’ satisfaction is the final target of total quality management. Due to the rapid increasing competition in the tourism market, tourist satisfaction-related studies have been gaining attention. In the present study, an attempt has been made to study the tourists’ satisfaction in Phawngpui National Park, Mizoram, one of the beautiful states of North-East India. This study contributes to a greater…show more content…
It presents heritage and cultural tourism along with medical, business, educational and sports tourism.
Significance of the Tourisms
Tourism is important to the world because of the amount of income it brings into countries and it promotes interconnectedness throughout the world. It provides people visiting the country of their choice with the services while they are there in exchange for the visitors boosting the country's economy. It helps provide jobs to the residents of the country that are being visited not only in the tourism and service industry, but also in the manufacturing industry as many people leave their vacation destination with souvenirs in hand.
Tourists tend to have disposable income that they spend in the country they are visiting. They also, on the whole, have more leisure time with which they use on numerous, shorter vacations throughout the year. Most tourists are well educated with sophisticated tastes which have resulted in the demand for better service and products. Many tourists also travel with their families, resulting in the need for more family-oriented vacation spots as well as niche destinations for other demographics, such as water sports vacations and spa
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