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The purpose of this research paper is to investigate the effectiveness of character education programs and how technology can be used to enhance student learning about character education. According to Laura and Malcolm Gauld (2002)" For families, educators, corporations, and communities, the biggest job we'll ever have is nothing less than a new paradigm for reconnecting education with core values." (p.1) The world of education is at a place where they are placing extreme importance on teaching our students values. This paper will discuss the true meaning of character education, give ideas on how to incorporate character education, and give examples of technology that is helping this process. Items such as the computer blocking
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Without this education students will not necessarily learn the value of right and wrong and how to function in society as a law-abiding citizen.. Character education, as most things do contain rules and principles. There are list of different things that are included in the proper was to teacher students what exactly character education is exactly. Here is an example of a few of the principles that would be outlined in a character education based classroom. Your character is defined by what you do, not what you say or believe.

A. Good character requires doing the right thing, even when it is costly or risky.

C. You don't have to take the worst behavior of others as a standard for yourself. You can choose to be better than that.

D. What you do matters and one person can make a big difference.

E. The payoff for a good character is that it makes you a better person and it makes the world a better place. (

Simple principles like these above would be taught to the students, so that while they were learning character education they knew exactly why and what they were learning.

Methods of Teaching

Each teacher has their own way to follow these principles
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