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Relationship between human appetite and music

Chapter 1


Introduction There are a lot of services served in a restaurant, like, high quality food and drinks, skilled staffs, nice ambiance and good music. Consumers are not aware that music is part of the service offered. And subconsciously, they didn’t know that music can boost their appetite and affect their mood in eating.

Background of the Study Music and noise level can affect people’s enjoyment of what they eat (Journal of Culinary Science and Hospitality). Appetite in 2006, found that listening to music increased the amount of food eaten and the duration of meals, but that the speed and volume of the music didn’t have a
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4. What is the level of music effect on the diners appetite: 1. Music Tempo 2. Music Preference

Objectives of the Study This study wants to determine if there is a relationship between human appetite and music. This study could verify if music can really affect the mood or it can boost appetite of the consumer.

Significance of the Study This study will be a significant endeavor in observing music appetite and its effect on diner’s appetite. The findings of this study are also beneficial to the following: Restobar Diners who like to eat with a good choice of music to boost their appetite. This research will help them to better understand what the relationship between music and human appetite is. Restaurant and Bar Establishments this study will help them choose the type of service to meet the consumer’s satisfaction. Future Researchers this research will help the future researchers on the subject of hotel and restaurant management, this can be their guide in making their research, this study also can be their reference.

Scope and Limitation of the Study This research is limited only within the area of Gmall, Toril. The respondents are male, female, single, married and with the age of 15 years and above. The survey questionnaire of this study will be used is constructed by the group based on descriptive method. This study will be able to make known the
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