Thesis: Private Prisons

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Thesis: Private prisons actually exacerbate many of the issues they were designed to solve by incentivizing increased incarceration, and at the same time they produce lower value than regular prisons while ultimately costing more, such that private prisons should be abolished and incarceration should remain exclusively public. I. The first problem with private prisons is inherent in the phenomenon itself (McMahon, 1997, p. 116). A. Rewarding further incarceration through monetary gain. 1. Perverse incentives for incarceration/disincentivizing rehabilitation 2. Exhibiting attributes of capitalism in general B. It is not "proper that private parties will make a profit (will benefit) from the infliction of pain on others" (Shichor, 1995, p. 64). 1. Comparison to Post Office 2. absence of moral considerations/ moral vaccuum C. More incarceration, lower crime, no connection between the two (Friedrichs, 2010, p. 601). 1. disproportionately affects minority groups (Friedrichs, 2010, p. 601). 2. worsens overcrowding II. Even if one does not accept the moral argument against private prisons, or else does not care for exhibiting any kind of moral or ethical standard, there is still no justification for private prisons, because they cannot even produce a greater value for their cost. A. evidence for public institutions' efficiency and cost (Cabral and Azevedo, 2009, p. 281). 1. research on private prison costs (Wang, 2009, p. 780, Gran and Henry, 2007, p.
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