Thesis : Project Al Qaeda

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Ngabo Kalisa Yvan Lee • Senior Thesis: Project Al-Qaeda In the recent past terrorism, especially in politically and economically unstable regions, brings a continuously growing threat for people from every color, religion or ethnic background. And also in rather safe areas, such as Europe or the U.S., people fear the threat of terrorism. For such inhumane violence a scapegoat is often easily found in Islam, the religion these groups affirm to fight for. Such belief can readily lead to condemnation of not only an actually peace loving religion, but also innocent minorities suffering under the perverted practices of liars. This discrimination cannot be tolerated, because Al-Qaeda, the most commonly known terror organization of the world, and their leader Osama Bin Laden, were founded on a political basis and find no countenance in the Quran, the holy book of Islam. The organization Al-Qaeda, following terroristic ideas and claiming to operate as surrogate for Islamic values, simplifies and intentionally misinterprets and shortens verses of the Quran, actually having no close connection to Islamic ideas, only claiming to do so in order to use it as a weapon to attack the United States and to convince potential followers to join the ' 'holy ' ' war fighting of Al Qaeda. To see Al-Qaeda as a representative for Islam has no logical basis since Al-Qaeda’s founders, Osama Bin Laden and Abdullah Assam(Endnote 1), never intended to found a deeply religious terrorist organization,
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