Thesis Proposal: Rh Law in the Philippines

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Reproductive Health Law: Knowledge and Adaptability among Residents of a Selected Barangay

Chapter I
Background and Theoretical Framework of the Study
Introduction of the Study On August 16, 1999, the first version of what is known as the Reproductive Health Bill is filed in the 11th Congress as House Bill 8110. Nothing came out of House Bill 8110. In the succeeding 12th Congress, Rep Bellaflor Angara filed a similar bill. House Bill 4110 was the first bill to be called the Reproductive Health Bill. The bill was refiled and refiled until it made progress in the 14th Congress. It reached the stage in the legislative process where the entire House could debate it in plenary. The national debate, the war, began. Lagman, Iloilo Rep Janette
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It also provides a free access to the contraceptives and would help reduce an alarming number of maternal mortality and morbidity rate and slow spread of AIDS (Inquirer News, 2012). This law prioritizes poor households identified by the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHT-PR) and other government measures of identifying marginalization, who shall be voluntary beneficiaries of reproductive health care, services and supplies for free. (RA 10354, Section 2) Many Filipino women have faced difficulties and sometimes death because of the absence of a comprehensive and consistent reproductive health policy. This law can change that, said Carlos Conde, Asia researcher at New York-based Human Rights Watch 2012. Studies reported that most college students of the year 2003 lacked basic knowledge on reproductive health. Almost half of the students don’t have any idea about the right time for abortions while one sixth had the knowledge. One third had incorrect knowledge; this was an indication of high rates for unwanted pregnancy. (Zhou, Ye, Gu, Zeng, and Wang 2012)

Chapter II
Review of Related Literature
RH Law
The RH Law is composed of 30 sections. Section(1)Title, (2)Declaration of Policy, (3)Guiding Principles for Implementation,(4)Definition of Terms, (5)Hiring of Skilled Health Professionals for Maternal Health Care and

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