Thesis: Recycling

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Recycling Thesis Statement Recycling is valuable and is one of the most important movements to be encouraged in the 21st century. Introduction Recycling can be described as "the process of recovering and reusing waste products from household use, manufacturing, agriculture, and business and thereby reducing their burden on the environment" ("Recycling," 2009). The concept of recycling popped up during World War I and World War II when the world faced a shortage of essential commodities and this lack of necessary materials led to the collection of required stuff. In the contemporary period, recycling has become a worthwhile and meaningful process that ensures environmental benefits. The waste management programs now employ recycling as a major requisite ("Recycling," 2009). Recycling A Vital Need of the Time For the past many years, the basic form of recycling consisted of direct recycling by manufacturers of surplus, imperfect or malfunctioning materials. During the 1990s, however, indirect recycling also became a major form of recycling. Indirect recycling is, in fact, the recycling of materials after they are being consumed by the users. Regrettably, most solid waste has been made a part of landfills or dumps after its deposition in such areas. Consequently, it has led to the filling up of landfills and this dumping of wastes has led to a number of environmental problems. Recycling is the solution to such disposal. It has been found out by the industries
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