Thesis Statement About Drug Abuse

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1. Focused topic:

1.1 Addiction in drugs.

1.2 Addiction in electronics gadgets.

2. Major points:

2.1 How to prevent addictions in drugs?

• Steps how to prevent addictions in drugs. 1. Understand How Alcohol and Drug Addiction Develops. 2. If You Have a Drug or Alcohol Abuse Problem, Get Help Now. 3. Avoid Temptations and Peer Pressure 4. Find the Support You Need 5. Practice Healthier Living Habits

2.2 How to be a responsible user of electronics gadgets?

• The solutions.

1 Out of Sight, Out of Mind

2 Stop Multitasking

3 Get Organized

ADDICTION is the continued use of a mood altering substance or behaviour despite
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Abuse can turn into addiction if it is not treated.
3. Avoid Temptations and Peer Pressure. You may have heard the expression, “You’re only as good as the company you keep,” and in reality, that statement is true. If you have friends or family members who pressure you to use alcohol or drugs, avoid them. Make new friends who practice healthier habits, who do well in school, who are motivated at work and who have goals. Develop goals and dreams for yourself. Remember, alcohol or drug use can turn to addiction rapidly; no one plans on becoming a drug addict or alcoholic. While in active addiction, the only goal possible is to get drugs or alcohol to feed the addiction. Regardless of whether it is abuse or addiction with drugs or alcohol, both require

4 professional addiction treatment. 4. Find the Support You Need. People struggling with emotional distress are at greater risk for developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol if they have not developed coping skills. If you have events or experiences in your past that affect your feelings, find a reliable and healthy source of support. If you have depression, anxiety, paranoia or other mental health problems, counseling or therapy and social communities such as religious or spiritual organizations can help you work through negative emotions and behaviors in a healthy, life-affirming manner. Remember that alcohol and drugs in combination
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