Thesis Statement About Marijuana

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Outline- English research paper- marijuana Introduction: -general idea -definition -problematic Thesis statement -presentation of arguments Paragraph 1: what is marijuana? -origins of marijuana (what it’s derived from, how and where it was discovered, how they first started to use it, etc...) -where is it mostly found and grown? Depending on what? (weather, ground quality, etc.…) Paragraph 2: what does marijuana do? -what is it used for? (medical reasons, psychological, etc...) -what are its benefits? Its disadvantages? - what are its effect on the person in the short and the long term ? Paragraph 3: marijuana today -where and why marijuana is legal? Why and where is it not? -who are the marijuana consumers around the world? Who are the dealers? Conclusion: -general ideas -summary of the arguments -general conclusion Introduction:…show more content…
In this research paper, we will be discussing one specific herb, Marijuana, as there are many misconceptions around it rendering it illegal, and we will attempt to argue with its unfounded illegality. What is Marijuana? Where, how and why is it consumed? What are recurrent misconceptions? First, we will be talking about the origins of the plant and where it is mainly found and grown, then we’ll be discussing the various uses for it and its effects on consumers, to finish off with its legality and position in today’s
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