Thesis Statement Against Homework

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The Case Against Homework: •Homework/it is “All pain and no gain” •There is very very little, if any, correlation between homework and test scores •Not a single study has ever supported the folk wisdom that homework teaches good study habits and self-discipline. •Most of homework is assigned as busywork to keep kids busy, assuming that they will waste their time. •A lot of teachers feel pressured to assign homework by tradition, administrators, and/or parents. •Most of the folk wisdom that homework is good and helps your academic achievement, test scores, responsibility, study habits, and to connect with your family has either been proven wrong, the opposite, or has not been proven at all. •Homework only allows kids to grow academically, because it takes up so much time to do, they don’t have time to do anything other than…show more content…
•Students tend to imitate what the teacher is saying and doing, instead of figuring it out for themselves (for the most/some part :) ) and understanding why the steps Work. Outline I.Introduction a.Attention Grabber: “How much does homework actually help students?” b.Bridge Sentences: History, influence, and psychological effects. c.Thesis Statement: In the past couple of years, the amount homework has been a controversial issue about whether it helps a lot, helps only a little and needs decreased, or helps none at all and needs abolished. II. Body Paragraph (Perspective #1: Essential) a.Topic Sentence: Many people think that the amount of homework assigned currently is essential to a student’s academic performance. b.Subtopic #1: (Reason Explanation and Set-up) c.Evidence: “Homework is a needed tool to connect with families, teach good study habits, and help improve school and academic performance.” d.Explanation & Elaboration e.Subtopic #2: (Reason Explanation and

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