Thesis Statement : Children Of The 21st

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Thesis statement: Children of the 21st

have machines to do all of their work, and every information about any given thing is

made available in the internet. But is this dependence costing them their childhood is our

primary concern. Because this internet is replacing their physical activity with things

which are not worthwhile.

The use of internet is becoming more and more every day. Even children are using the

internet more than they are allowed to. Recent studies show that about 10 years back there were

many children playing in grounds and parks but today every park and ground available, are very

empty. This is due to more internet and digital media. Parents of 128 children who ranged from

first grade through sixth grade are made to go through the cognitive developmental assessment of

their children and then they answered questionnaires on their children’s use of Internet at home

and also about the family socioeconomic characteristics of their children. Generally, indices of

home Internet use accounted for more of the variance in children’s cognitive development. The

research even discussed about the child’s growth and the impact which a technology does when

exposed them on children in their childhood. There were 91 children who completed the internet

use’s rating scale. At the same time the parents and teachers finished the child’s rating scale on

child’s social, physical and emotional development. The developmental consequences of Internet

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