Thesis Statement: Christianity Is Superior to Judaism

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Judaism vs. Christianity Name Thesis Statement: Christian Religion is superior to Judaism because the author of the faith, Jesus is superior to the angels, founding fathers, and religious institutions within the doctrine of Judaism. Introduction Jesus represents different views in relation to the doctrine of Christianity and Judaism. According to Christianity doctrine, Jesus Christ represents the Son of God who came to deliver man from manifestation of sins. Jesus Christ is one with the creator in relation to the teachings of Christianity. He is the Messiah whom founding fathers of Judaism proclaimed would come to wash away the sins of humanity. According to Judaism, Jesus represents a false Messiah playing a secondary role to the founding fathers of the faith and religious institutions. According to the gospel by John, Jesus was there at the beginning in the form of the word. Jesus was with God and considered Creator (God). In understanding the relationship of Jesus and humanity, it is crucial to determine both divine and fully human nature of the Son of God. As the Son of Man, Jesus was born of Mary and Joseph. These represent his human roots in the process of delivering human beings from their sins. As the Son of God, he represents one of the trinity beliefs within the teachings of Christianity. Through his ordeal with humankind, Jesus adopts both identities to reveal himself. These identities allow Jesus Christ to appear as the Messiah, Savior, Healer, Friend, Son

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